My Singing Monsters

Was looking for a topic about My Singing Monsters, couldn’t find one.
Yes, I still play. ON THE COMPUTER!
I just got a new account after losing my old one. Can I join any of your tribes?
(edit: i think i can only get friends via steam. so i guess drop your steam friend codes if you play.)

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My man you need to let it go… the accident was 8 years ago you need to let MY SINGING MONSTERS. go

Played it when I was like 12

man MSM was the bomb

Unfortunately, my brother accidentally deleted it several years ago, and I lost all of my progress

me too

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Never heard of it

it was a mobile game back in the day where you bought monsters, and they all functioned as part of a song. though, all the monsters had different elements, and you could breed monsters of different elements to get a different monster. it’s a fun game, but it’s definitely mobile. everything takes like three years, and you can skip the wait with cheddah cheese :dollar::yen::euro::pound:.
despite the long waits in-game, i would definitely recommend it. it’s fun, y’now.

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Used to get the ads for it all the time. Needless to say ads definitely don’t encourage me to buy something.

I got the impression from the ad you just collect monsters until you have a whole orchestra of them? But can it be customised so you can actually make your own music?


yes, that’s about right.
you can only customize the music on one of the (like 20+) islands. it’s fun, though.

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So you can or cannot make your own unique songs compared to other people?

yes, you can, but it’s more of a side thing as opposed to the main thing. you don’t make your own songs in the main game, but it is an option.


That was a bad idea.

you’re a bad idea.

Yeah that’s probably true.