My Skyrim character (Moc)

So a few months ago I picked up "the elder scrolls 5: Skyrim." Several weeks later I decided to try and make a moc of my character in the game. This is not at all meant to be a replica, it's just meant to capture the basic look and shapes in a mechanical form.

Here it is:

So obviously this guy is an Argonian. The weapon is meant to be Dragonsbane (blades sword) and he is meant to be using flame magic. The thing on his back is a quiver of iron arrows.That probably doesn't make much sense if you arent familiar with the game- but we're here to talk about the Moc not Skyrim.

Here is a bad quality photo of my actual character for reference:


I only saw the similarities after seeing the image of your character.

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Argonian. Good choice! I personally love their waterbreathing. On to the MOC, really does look like your Skyrim Avatar. How far in are you by the way? Just curious.

There really isn't much water in skyrim and the game has a rather long oxygen counter. In fallout this would be a fair bonus but I think that the best part of argonians is that they simply look bada**.


This is a great idea! You did a surprisingly good job of making your MOC look similar to the actual character despite the somewhat limited nature of Bionicle pieces. This may even inspire me to attempt something similar. Good job!

Don't forget the disease resistance and Histskin. Saved me on multiple occasions :stuck_out_tongue:

(Also, as a general reminder, nobody forget we already have a Skyrim topic for specific discussion of the game.)


I am level 18 and I need to retrieve the elderscroll

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I like it. The green and brown work well and i got that it was an Argonian immediately.

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No more adventuring for him


why not theres only 8 posts

The joke is that-

How do you not get this?


I used to be an adven- I'm fairly certain most people have heard the meme. Anyways, the moc itself is great as it does quite well in capturing the look of an argonian. At first glance I actually did not recognize the quiver, but it looks great sir.

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i have always wanted to make alduin in bionicle

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If you ever do, you are going to share it, aren't you?

That would be really cool!

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yeah i totally would, but i am going to need some more parts first

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I got "Blades Armour" in the game so I gave it to the Moc as well. It's practically just a recolour of his old leather armour- I wanted to use the same formula so I didn't have to redesign the whole thing. I will keep the Moc updated with my in game character and I will post any changes in this topic.