My Bionicle MOCs

I’ve been trying out with and it was very fun to do! It gave me the creative freedom in imagining what they would look like. But I have to wait a few minutes for the program to respond when in changing my tabs. As my laptop was not compatible with their program. Nevertheless, it was a very useful kit in building canon Bionicle characters!

Some of the Bionicle parts in either pack were missing; such as the eyestalk pieces for the Toa Mata and the Turaga.

However, without further ado, here’s my take for Dume as a Toa and Turaga in the Bionicle Universe!

Toa Dume in Colour Variations

Turaga Dume in 2001 set-build

Turaga Lhikan in 2001 set-build


Very nice work!:+1:
(Also Turaga Dume is a surprisingly adorable little guy the way the render of him is framed.)

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Thank you! I’ve been having some ideas circulating in my brain. I always thought Dume would have a cloned version of Toa Hagah Norik as a template. I wanted to find a program where you can design an altered Hagah shield for Toa Dume. Oh well lol.

I couldn’t decide which shade of red to use for Toa Dume so I made two versions of him with a Mata and a Metru red colour scheme.

For Turaga Dume and Lhikan, I thought of giving them a traditional set build that is reminiscent of the 2001 era. As a traditional set build of a Turaga. With full red Metru or Mata colours without secondary vibrant colours like the Turaga of Mata Nui.

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Neat take on Toa Dume! What’s his weapon supposed to be?

Haven’t really put any thought to it to be honest :slightly_smiling_face: