My take on Akamai and wairuha

Let me just say that wairuha 's colour scheme is wierd haha , and I had to tweak the armour on him a lot to make it look good.
Made these as I had too many foot pieces lying around ( all different colours ) and I thought to myself , what can I make with all these colours that does not suck ? Hence these two were born wink


Has Hero cores on his thighs 0/10 /s

I love Akamai 10/10, though the choice of mask and the long neck looks bad.

Wairuha has a nice concept, but the armor placement and again, the long neck, brings down the MOC a bit.

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I like the chains on both of them, and anything with a Garai is automatically cool. The hero factory things on the legs kind of make no sense, since it's a bionicle, but i can tell they're supposed to be armor and nothing more.


wow, this is awesome. The shaping is amazing...unlike MOST kaita mocs...

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These look amazing! Good job!

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0/10 needs moar Velociraptor legs.


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Haha lolzzz

Yeah , just thought they looked good as armour

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The arms are too short and they really should use a hau and a miru, but other than that they're good.

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This is cool stuff.

You didn't make new Kaita out of the old or new toa, you just made your own thing and said they were the Kaita.
And it works. It's very cool. There's a certain original creativity that can only be achieved by things like this.


Thx bruh! wink

Akamai has Mesonak horns 100000/10

But in all seriousness, I really like the refreshing new take on the kaita and the fact that they aren't made from specific sets.