My Talentless "Art" Topic

Heyo there. My name is Boris (the biomech on BIONICLE related sites,
the beast on other)
Although I can hardly be considered an art talent, I do like drawing (averagely), mocing (horribly or hardly moding), and taking picures. I decided to put up some of my work for show. Atleast it will lift your spirits when you know that there is someone less arty than you.

Here is a photo of toa Lewa, master of convenient thumbs.

And here is a work in progress sketch of Lewa mata hanging from a vine and reaching for a blank hau, completely hand drawn.I took the picture vith a smartphone so the quality is bad, and its cut off at the left. If you look closely you can see the vines that his axe is lodged into. Once its finished I will scan it for better quality.

I promised mocs, so here they (it) are (is). A custom g2 mask stand. Works with every mask there is, so long as its g2.


This piece really spoke to me.
It said "You can't handle the truth."
But I refuse to handle that statement.


where can I buy a lewa deluxe :0