My thoughts on the Meme Topic being closed

So the meme topic was closed. According to Eljay it was closed because:

According to him, the topic is "Too spam-y", even though it is a Topic about posting memes. On the boards, there are many topics that could be labeled as spam with no real discussion yet haven't been closed. So why close only the meme topic?

Next, it was 'controversial, especially among staff'. While there was no controversy in the topic itself(aside from posts that could easily be flagged for being offensive or what have you) the controversy mods/admins might have over the topic shouldn't be enough to close it if the controversy itself, which I can only assume is opinion, is not liking the topic. That said, it is my understanding that TTV hasn't set any specific rules for the mods other than those in the FAQ. The only conclusion I can draw from this is that TTV hasn't drawn a line for what exactly IS spam. From what I've seen, it's whatever they don't like that ends up being closed. Ergo, they do whatever they want.


Are we starting a rebellion?

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I mean, at the end of the day it's Kahi and the rest of the crew who pays for this site, so they can do whatever the heck they want with it. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I do see your point. It does seem a little bit excessive.


Exactly NOT what anyone is doing.
I'm just stating my opinion.


Ok just kidding.

I think it is good to have topics that could be considered "Designated Spamming Zones". That way it lets spammers let lose somewhere other than the non-spam topics. It's just like "Designated Smoking Zones".

Also, I don't believe the topic was truly spam, because we stayed on point by posting memes.


Not to sound like a jerk, but... yeah, that's pretty much it. :stuck_out_tongue:

We had an extensive discussion about the topic behind the scenes.



Not gonna lie, kinda failing on that front. 8P


Not to sound like a jerk also, but what was even wrong with it? People were enjoying it, heck, I know you guys were.



Again, we had an extensive discussion about the state of the topic and the current state of memes on the forum behind the scenes with our moderators. Eljay, in his closing post, stated that the topic was becoming slightly spammy and minorly controversial amongst staff, for reasons we may or may not disclose depending on whatever we decide we want to do.

That's really all there is to it.



I get that these are your boards, but that was a horrid counter argument.
Like Brian said, Eljay himself enjoyed the topic. Yet when he wanted to close it, that's it.

Perhaps. Because that's all there is to it, nothing we can do when you aren't going to listen.


Wrong about that one.


It wasn't a counter-argument. I don't feel the need to argue with you, or any other board members, about this subject. I'm just stating that yes, we do reserve the right to act in accordance with whatever we think is best at any given moment, whether the current rules and guidelines reflect our opinions or not. :stuck_out_tongue:



Not to point, but didn't Eljay post a meme or two? Thought he did.

Here's the big deal with the memes topic.

Memes are spam, memes got out of hand, etc. You've probably already heard all of that.

What you haven't heard is that our software automatically works by making sure to save images and rehost them onto our site so that the board images will always work regardless if the hosting service goes down. Makes for easier archiving that way, and makes sure that anyone can see the topics at any point and they make sense.

It works, generally. But the bigger the meme topic got, the more images got rehosted. Which means there was more space being taken up. Which means that we had to pay up the next bracket with more money in order to keep the forums up and active.

We realize that we have to invest in order to get some stuff back. That's fair enough. Cost of business. But, the memes were 1. already getting out of hand and 2. were already a point of discussion among the staff. They weren't worth keeping up. So we trashed it.

That being said, you are right, we do do whatever we want. I've been pretty up front with that with the Rule Policy. We reserve the right to ban people whenever we want, to close topics whenever we want, whatever. We won't, because that's not how we roll. But say you do something on our channel comments? We'll ban you here too. Even though you didn't do anything on the boards, we still reserve that right to do that.

Good point about the nonsense topic. I'm closing that now.


Can confirm Var disliked the topic the whole time.


I'm sorry, I just saw a "I understood that reference" meme posted by a mod, so that doesn't make sense. Where's the line drawn?

Ok, but he's not the only one.

I'm not trying to stir trouble, but everything is ever so confusing. But hey, that must just be me I guess.

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Trust me, I completely understand, I can sympathize with some peoples' confusion and frustration. We'll be addressing this issue in a more official fashion very soon. :smile:



There are no rules against posting memes so long as they are on topic. The meme topic was closed because several memes have been posted there that are offensive and inappropriate for some.


Rule Policy.

So basically, you can technically post a meme in response to this post if you wanted. Gamble your chances. Could win, if it's hilarious. Could lose. Probably the latter. But that's gambling.

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