My Toa Helryx, The First of the Toa Moc

This is one of first attempts at making a moc, so I’m not really expecting to win, but figured I would enter anyway. Had a lot of fun building this!

Front View
Side View 1
Side View 2
Back View
Weapon Deconstruction
Front Deconstruction Back Deconstruction
Neck Deconstruction


the torso and hook mace are very cleverly made

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Thank you! The neck section isn’t as nice as I wanted, seeing as I didn’t have any 3 long 2 axle 1 tube peices and couldn’t get one in time. I’m pretty pleased with how the rest of the torso turned out though. And I seem to have an innate ability to build weapons, lol.

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First attempt at a MOC you say? Could have fooled me! That is some quality stuff you got here. I like the tools, and the arms looks great. Nice torso as well.

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Thanks! And I should clarify, it’s one of my first few Bionicle mocs. I’ve made some alright strictly ccbs stuff, and one Bionicle moc before. There is a few things I would have changed in the torso and arms if I had the peices and/or knowledge to fix them, specifically the neck and 1/2 axle sticking out at the end of the arm.