My Toa Mangai Team

I’ve built a Cordak Team and the Mangai is my second toa team project. I’ve finished them last year and just finalized some small details. They might be a bit vanilla, but again I am thinking of a team picture in my mind so they looks like Lhikan at some level. Some details are not canonically correct such as I gave Nidhiki green and silver palette, whereas in fact he is all green. Please bare with me for these errors as I am abandoning them for my aesthetic of the Mangai have some level of metallic colors.

Thank you all for loving my city background in my Nidhiki post. I just woke up and the New York City is snowing. Perfect to take pictures for my four ice Mangai toa. I hope the tall buildings with snow caps can resemble Ko-Metru at some level.

The first toa of ice wears the mask of conjuring. I’ve painted the mistika kaukau (bacause it is asymmetrical like most toa of ice masks) white and added few details on it. His toa tool is a snow katana.

Unfortunately, the rendered version does not have the mistika kaukau so I tested the transparent mata kaukau. I think it looks better than the gold one on toa of ice! Unfortunately I do not have the piece in hand.

The second toa of ice wears the great calix, mask of fate. I’ve painted the rubber calix similar to flat dark gold. However, there are many great 3D printed pieces. In my rendered version I’ve used the calix with scopes by Galva. Thank you and everyone making 3D studio pieces!

His weapon is a sled spear.

The third toa of ice wears the great kaukau. I’ve used the golden kaukau, and my actual piece is more transparent than the solid gold. But I believe the transparent kaukau might be a better choice. His weapon is snow staff.

The fourth toa of ice wears the rode, mask of truth. He uses twin ice blades that can both slice and carve.

And here is Lhikan, Nidhiki, and Tuyet guarding the sunsetting city again (if this is against the rules I’ll delete it).

I’m waiting until the night to take a shot of Toa Mangai of Earth and Stone, and a bright weather for Naho and Toa Mangai of Green! Here are the rendered version of them. Some parts are different due to the difficulties of getting all the parts in

The mangai of earth wears the kakama, great mask of speed. I made his shoulders bulkier than the others with the had sitting between them to make it more of a “toa of earth” looking. His toa tool is a disk launcher with earthquake drillheads.

The mask for the stone mangai is unknown, but I gave him the pakari. Sort of switching with the toa of earth. His toa tools are spike feet additions and climbing hooks to help him climb mountains and rocks.

Naho wears the huna. I’m trying to use most official parts as possible. Her toa tool is different in my actual design. She is holding Kongu’s lightning crossbow that glows blue. I just throw in the power sword for their similar looks.

The Mangai of Greens. The color theme is dark blue, lime, and silver. I’ve used the Axalara T9 miru for his mask of healing, which is different from the rendered version. Also the hoses are the translucent skinnier hoses with lime infused in the center. That piece cannot be bent on so I switched into other hoses.
His toa tools are twin plant swords. The fire emblems on the magma swords of Tahu can also be seen as intertwined plants.

Updates: Earth and stone toa in Onu-Metru and Naho and toa of greens


These look pretty cool, I’d say. They all look unique while using the metru build as a base. nice job :wink:

The toa mangai of the green is probably my favourite.

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same, although the forth ice toa is close second

aw man you make me miss the city! Great MOC’s and pictures.

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@Rukah Thank you so much! Having a unique look based on the metru build is my goal. I’m glad you feel this way!

@Enbeanie I feel the same! I like the toa of green and toa of earth the most as they are the most completed one in my mind.

@Eilrach I think the fourth toa of ice is simplistic but in a good way. I think it is a cohesive build.

@jonpearce Thank you so much! I’ll keep using the city as the background for metru heroes.


I like the use of your area as an background piece it gives it a Metru nui feel like the canisters the Toa Metru came in or the art on the instruction books.


Welcome @Sirtoametru

I like the Toa, I think Naho is my favourite.


Hey, that’s my job! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well now it’s mine /s

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