My trip to Legoland

I am leaving for the weekend to Legoland in Germany but I do not know what I could do there and buy. I am afraid that I can not get visit everything During those two days. And now a little more complicated affair Polish money called zloty and they are cheaper than dollars. let me explain

1 USD = 3 zloty
and as it is known in Germany pay in Euros
1 USD = 0,91 EUR
1 zloty = 4,23 EUR
This means that in Germany sets are cheaper than in Poland.
Now I ask for advice what I should do and buy on my trip


I used to live in California, USA, land of amusement parks. Let me educate you on what to do over the weekend.
I assume you’re going for two days. If you research what rides are there, you should be able to make a list of your top priority rides and visits. You could visit the LEGO store there at any time, so save that until you want to wait for a ride’s wait to thin down. Do what you want to do most on the first day, then do your second most on the first half of the second. On the second half of the second day, go to your favorite rides so far. You’ll have a great time, I know Legoland California is great (and a lot cheaper than most other amusement parks)


thanks I will be using these councils.ale miałem nadzieję że doradzisz mi trochę na temat “pamiątki” którą chcę kupić.

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As far as souvenirs, I don’t know which ones specifically. Just try to find exclusives from the park.


You are a lucky man, in Hungary, prices are worse. 1EUR~1USD~300 Forint. That’s a bummer. That means:
Kulta vs Ekimu = 9000Ft-,
Kopaka, Tahu, Onua = 6000Ft-,
Skull villains = 5400Ft-,
Lewa, Gali, Pohatu, LoSS = 4500Ft-,
Protectors = 3000Ft-,

That means I don’t have much spare money left.

poor you

Yaa (Meso-effect), I spent easily like more than a 100 bucks worth of Forints…