My version of Ekimu 2016

I wasn’t happy when I saw the Toa-sized Ekimu from the Summer wave. I don’t necessarily have a problem with the Toa sizing, but the over-abundance of translucent colours and the lack of gold really made the set look weak in my opinion. So I made my own one:

It’s not perfect by any means, but I feel like I balanced the colour scheme better. Please feel free to give constructive criticism below :wink:


I was just about to start making this xD

Anyway, I like it, but i feel like the silver could be replaced with gold (I know the chest doesn’t come in gold) because I think he looks a little bland for Ekimu… But aside from that he looks great!


It’s not perfect by any means! 0/10

I actually like this a lot. The hammer is a definite improvement.


This is pretty much exactly what Ekimu 2016 should have been.

I really have nothing to complain about with this. The build is nice, it fits the style of the rest of BIONICLE 2016, it retains the functions of the other sets, I think it’s great! This looks like it could be a real set.


The main issue for me was the limitation of the parts I own; had I had any gold chest pieces or maybe even trans-blue I would have used them… Thanks for the feedback anyway! :smile:

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looks better than what we’re getting, so that’s definitely a thing :wink:

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I really like how this looks, toning down the trans blue makes it look better

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Well it does look good, but personally I’d put some luscious trans blue chestpiece on him…

Naw, it’s great! Good job on this one.


Looks pretty good.

I suppose my biggest complaint is that it drops the most interesting aspect of the new Ekimu set; the inclusion of both gearbox types. It would be a lot better in my eyes if you worked in that arm-swinging gearbox.


i would like it if the new set was more like this. But marketing this might be hard to market when compared with the current Ekemu (the new one looks different enough). however i understand this is just a MOC and don’t mean to be rude or anything like that. Keep up the good work.

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I would buy this. It’s groovy man.

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I would buy anything instead of that Toa Ekimu set. This seems like a great alternative.
For some strange reason I like the silver with gold. And I love the hammer and those shoulder pads.
Also, you should find some longer shells for the upper legs.

I suggest getting the 2012 Stringer torso piece since it’s trans-blue :3 Maybe order it off of bricklink along with some other things, like the Iron Man gold chest piece. I mean, if you get a chance to do so X3


This is really nice. For a revamp of the set, it works really well, and for an MOV, it works really well as well. It looks like Ekimu and has a fairly solid build. The only thing I would change is the armoring of the legs and the silver in the colorscheme. Other than that, great job!

MoCr looks a bit weird in that configuration of parts, but he’s otherwise… otherw… Hm? Sorry, he’s just so good! :smiley:

This looks alot better than the actual version! Great job

It’s a nice MOC but you can’t tell me a translucent Mask of Creation isn’t cool.

On it’s own, yes. In the set, it adds too much trans blue to the colour scheme.

I like the way you balanced out his colors

It’s still lacking gold. Other than that, it’s alright.