My version of Makuta Antroz (MOC)

I’m terrible at starting topics so here’s the moc.

the legs still need some work but I’m happy with how he turned out.OBLIGATORY OUTDOOR SHOT. on a side note I’m thinking of putting together a photo comic, any thoughts? Comments and feedback are appreciated!


Very messy, cluttered and weirdly proportioned for Antroz imo

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@TheMoltenKing To be honest I’m only calling him Antroz because of the head and the wings. It never was my original intention to build Antroz, more so a scythe wielding bionicle. It just happened that he reminded me of a ant and well… As for the porpotions I’ll fix them soon.

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yah it doesn’t remind me of antroz but that is the only negative. i LOVE it! very good use of parts. dont pay attention to anyone else. he looks great! there is no making a messy lego model…its a lego model it can be whatever it wants to be. :slight_smile:


[quote=“Jal, post:1, topic:33013”]
I’m terrible at starting topics so here’s the moc
[/quote] Same! Anyway, this looks sick. Love the head.

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Doesn’t really look like Antroz.

The colourscheme, wings and spikiness are definitely eye-catching! He’s got a bit of a barrel-body and weirdly shaped limbs, but great build overall

@Rockho Thanks! The body looks better in person. is it normal to feel sick after saying that? anyway the limbs definitely need to be improved and once I start on the photo comic, I’ll fix him.

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