My version of pit brutaka chest gap filled in+.

It’s been a while since I posted this guy and I’ve been recently updating some of the parts on him that stuck out to much. This build has had almost all of the blue axles replaced and changed out into a different building technique so I could fit more black and gold. His hands have been upgraded to poseable fingers like myselfmocs hands. This is also a bit closer to the original size of the fingers. I’ve put new gold parts on his sides. The four arms have also been slightly upgraded to CCBS connection points along with some additional add-ons. I didn’t want to give him small hands on his smaller arms as I like the way these fold into his back.

Here’s me trying to recreate him rising out of the pit.

Here’s some close ups on his new hands.

If you look at some of my other posts that will show you how to build these hands. I’ve been working on his legs a bit more to fill out those gaps along with filling out the insides of the chest a bit more as well. I’ll update this topic again when I have all the parts to finish the upgrades.


I just upgraded him a bit more to see what would work naturally and so far I am liking how it’s turning out. Still waiting on parts but the next update will be with his new additional gold parts.

Note: Yes there is a little like gray piece sticking out I plan on replacing it when I find the black one I need.

Here’s some close-ups so you can see what I upgraded.

I added a bunch of black spikes to give it more of a sharp organic look in the insides of the legs like a crab.

I also added more black seaweed to try to hide those two blue axles on the sides that only stick out there.

I moved two of the gold spikes to fill out the back for now on the feet so then when the gold parts I do need come I can fill out the rest of the areas that need it.
I just added a Priaka brain stock to him and it’s looking pretty good in the dark.

I just got parts for this moc as well and it looks great. The color scheme mixes well and enjoy it overall.

I added these black eyes to the crab head to fill out some gaps and does a pretty good job on it.

Well adding some new gold parts not only to the legs and feet. The golden candle-like piston doesn’t interfere with articulation and adding five little gold claws/teeth make it look even more organic.

Extra poses.

Hope you all enjoy this update on brutaka. let me know what you think of this one. I’ve been working on several different things but they will have to wait until I get the parts I need for them. So I’m going to be posting progress updates on some of the current ones.

This is to show that I replaced the two dark stone gray parts that were sticking out the neck.

The legs are the main gold highlight update part as I felt like the black ends made it look cut off into the leg and in a black back round not very visible.

I’ve been working on him a bit more and have found a good fit so far. And I did upgraded the antidermis tanks little green light bulbs as well to give it a more realistic touch to the moc.

Brutaka vs Toa Calvaria

Hope you all enjoy :grin::+1:


Nice, very nice.


I love the hand construction. I never use bricks on mata hands due to the loose connection but your method gives good stability


@KanohiReqi thank you. I try using every brick to my disposal so I can make unique but sturdy builds.


this is a very good moc


This is a solid build, but the hands work particularly well; they don’t look too bulky or too spindly.

The gold/black looks really nice as well. I’m kind of interested to see what a gold/blue version would look like, but the Carapar armour pieces wouldn’t really work for that, and they seem pretty important to the overall shape.


Those hands are really good. Does it use and illegal connection though?


I would say that the indents in the connector part of the socket joint gives the bricks a sturdy connection along with a modified pin axle with a caped off with a new Lego stud.


I see now yes very smart might use this for a moc I recently made


Let me know if you guys want me to take break down pictures. I’ll update this post if you do.


@Connor_Hoffman I based the antidermis pack off of your version of brutaka.


@Racie02 let me know what you think about this one.


@BenCossy thought you might want to see this.


He’s got hands :open_mouth:


I try to give everyone of my creations realistic and possibly hands with official Lego parts only.


Let me know what you guys think of his new fixes.


Great model but it has a massive weakness. From the front he barely looks like he has any blue remaining because of how dark the metru blue is.

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In the picture of the physical model of pit brutaka he had no metru blue at all. I know I could swap in dark blue but certain places wont work and some parts don’t exist in the dark blue, so I stuck with the more original baseline of black shown here.