Mysterious Island- A Retelling of the 2001 Story

Who’s up for a fun retelling of Bionicle’s beginning?

It has been one thousand years since the despotic Makuta of Metru Nui seized control of the land of the Tohunga, islanders who call the great spirit their home, and there is chaos on Mata Nui. Not many of the Tohunga dare to oppose the king under the mountain, who greedily craves the respect and resources of his brother’s people- but a few do. They are six- no, seven heroes with one destiny; Takua, Kapura, Maku, Tamaru, Hafu, Kopeke, and Taipu. Not Toa, not titans. What follows is the story of the little people on the grand stage; the story of a band of sisters and brothers who fought in the face of a horrifically audacious evil, and won. This is the story of a Mysterious Island.

Dramatis Personae
Kapura - A wily young Ta-Koronan that most others avoid. Some question his comprehension of reality.
Maku - A dazzling boat-maker and swimmer who becomes involved with Huki, a rare friendly Po-Koronan on a military mission.
Tamaru - A stuttering, paranoid and socially awkward Le-Koronan with a paralyzing fear of high-places.
Hafu - A very arrogant carver who believes that he will be instrumental in defeating the Makuta.
Kopeke - Quiet and pensive, Kopeke is a loner with a very sarcastic style, constantly at odds with those who he perceives to be less intelligent or serious than him.
Taipu - A plain-looking Onu-Koronan who loves to take his time and admire beautiful things. He speaks with great intention, and is sad when others call him slow or stupid.
Takua - Always a dreamer, Takua is clumsy, anxious, and easily put on the defensive. He fears that he’ll never find his niche in life.
Kopaka - The formidable master of ice, Kopaka is an accomplished swordsman and a rugged outdoorsman. He and Tahu are constantly at odds.
Tahu - The island’s equivalent of a rock star, Tahu is handsome, athletic, and a real hit with all the ladies, though reluctant to actually do work. Kopaka is his only rival for stardom.
Vakama - The elderly medicine man of the island, who sees potential in Takua and his ragtag band of misfits.
Nistaiko - Maku’s much older boat-making protegé, who despises the patronizing attitude of her mentor.
Huki - Famous around the island, Huki is a Koli star who rebels against tradition by becoming romantically involved with a Ga-Koronan.
Makuta - The cruel king of the island, narcissistic and perpetually calculating. A master of fear and intimidation.

This is a creative fan reboot of the 2001 story, with a much larger focus on the Matoran. I’ve made a few stylistic and authorial choices, and it’s fine if they aren’t in line with your headcanon or ideas. I figured that since the pre-litigation names such as Tohunga and Huki would be fine to use as they carry a lot of nostalgic weight for many, and because this isn’t a commercial work or anything likely to attract a huge audience. I’ll also be calling the Toa the masters of their respective elements, because I think that it sounds better and plus, I can mix Gen 1 and Gen 2 if I choose to. :wink:

Also, I figured that Mata Nui is huge, both in number of named characters and sheer physical size; so you probably won’t be seeing any of the Turaga except Vakama, any of the Toa Mata other than Tahu and Kopaka, or any villagers other than perhaps eight to ten key ones. This is strictly to allow the characters who are in the story to develop to their full potential, and it also kind of makes sense; if the island is roughly the size of Tennessee (303x151 miles), and is riddled with mountains, volcanoes, jungles, and desert, it would easily take a month to cross from on end to the other, especially with the primitive technology that they have. It’s pretty feasible that you would never leave your Koro, and never meet the Toa from outside your region. Again, this is flexible, and if anyone really wants me to change it, then I’ll consider adding in other characters.

You can expect a chapter on each Sunday. Who’s ready?


Chapter One

No one but the elderly Turaga, guardians of knowledge past and present, can even recall a time when the island’s militias were not at war with the evil king and his army of corrupted, enchanted, wildlife. Nonetheless, not all have seen their hope torn away, fading into the deep blackness of the sea…

“Just to be clear, you’re seeing a problem where?”

Though it had been a long while since the pleasure and measure had been whisked away from her latest of jobs, Nistaiko continued to seek the approval of her employer, a boatmaker by the name of Maku, with little finesse to speak of. On days when she was especially desperate, she would even consider doing work.

“Shockingly like you to assume that I’m the only one seeing the problem here” scowled Maku, who had spryly dashed over to Nistaiko’s work station to see what was the matter. “To plug up that hole…” Maku slowed, pausing. “Is there any more of your Vuata Maca sap?” With the last query, she cocked her head and drove a single brow upward. Nistaiko busied herself trying to recall a specific Rahi that she had likened her boss’s expressionistic look to in the past.

“Is There. Any More. Maca Sap.”

Nistaiko jolted from her spa-like interlude in the middle of her workday.

“Funny how that works. I may have ended up-”

“Using it all on your personal project.”

Nistaiko jolted with a deep-rooted buzz of dread, thinking back to the scant moments the day before that she had stolen to spruce up her own vessel. As one of the few Koronans whose parents could even approach a level of wealth large enough to afford a private boat, she had already been treated to no shortage of mocking and scorn by the coworkers who referred to her with a naughty snideness as “daddy’s money”.

Of course, Nistaiko couldn’t just stand and wait for the reprimand to come. She couldn’t just let her do-it-yourself project permit Maku to walk all over her. Stepping forward across the packed dirt floor inside the hut on the outskirts of the koro and sending a fikou scrambling in terror, she straightened up and poised her frame to face her boss.

“Just so you know, it was very small; you would have hardly noticed it was there. It says something about my creativity and-

“It says something about your treachery, Nisty.”

The barest moment that followed was one of absolute fear on the young woman’s part. Sure, a strong reminder, possibly a warning, was sure to have followed; but a frigid and stabbing accusation of disloyalty? No longer could Nistaiko bring herself to speak.

“I don’t even care that you didn’t steal it. I don’t even care if you were all caught up on your work; which you sure as the great spirit were not.”

Nistaiko squirmed, and leaned against a ragged, leathery wall of dried bamboo.

“What I do care about, above everything, is the war effort. It isn’t something that you learn to love with. It’s something that you continue to fight, at almost any cost, just as a muaka will fight off a Rama swarm that threatens its vulnerable brood. We have been at war for one thousand years, Nisty, and we are losing. We need these ships, and more of them.”

“They aren’t even really ships. They’re just… boats. Do you even expect to beat the Rahi? Do you even expect to stand a chance in front of the Makuta?”

Nistaiko stood in the dirty, musty-smelling hut, face to face with Maku, with barely half a bio between their faces. She was used to getting her way, to winning arguments, amd she didn’t plan to stop now.

Maku spoke. “Yes, Nistaiko, I will continue to fight because Ga-Koro will prevail!” Lowering her voice, she said: “Miss, this sort of subversion has gone on for too long.”

Shivering out of fear, with an irregular tremble, Nistaiko stood her ground.

“I am asking you to leave”, Maku whispered as an accent on her frozen stare.

Long after Nistaiko had been fired, long after the workday was done, Maku the boat-maker strode out to the center of town to retire for the night. And the fierylight show that she came across was not a pleasant surprise. It was not a celebration; unless the one celebrating was the Makuta.

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