Mystery Skulls Animated

I just love these music videos done by MysteryBen27. Not only did he promote the Mystery Skulls band (which make pretty good music), but he also made an interesting plotline, characters, and world just ripe for theory crafting while head bobbing to the beat. The music and the story with in the music video remind me of Daft Punks Intertella 5555, which was a freaking good movie/album.

These are more than just music videos, so much so that an entire fanbase was made around it over night, its pretty crazy.

Tell me what you think about MSA, what our your opinions about it and do you have your own interpretation of the videos.


I didn't like the character design because of their "observed reference", but it grew over me.


I've seen those-I really love the animation style.

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Never seen them, but their animation is top notch. Now I'm gonna spend the next couple of hours watching them :blush:


Been ages, but part 3 of the series just recently got out.

Seriously though, I love the series. It’s hard to stop head-bopping to the beats after watching all three.


Before recently I’ve never taken much interest in these. Especially considering there was only two of them, and thus not much to go off of. But something about this new one has really drawn me into the series and the story. I can’t wait for the next one to come out.