Mystun, Toa of an Unknown Element

Seriously though, any element ideas for this guy?

I like to think of him as a toa without any early memories, someone that just showed up on Spherus Magna without any previous identity other than his own name. He eventually joins a toa team and works to protect the villages and cities of Spherus Magna, before his team is sent to investigate disturbances on an island out in the ocean of Aqua Magna.

I like to think he makes a good battle-bro for Ferunt, here

I’m pretty fond of this moc, I think he looks a lot better than his previous versions



He’s a bit of a change from his old “knightly” look I had originally tried to go for, but I ultimately think it’s an improvement. What are y’all’s thoughts?


Null. A toa of null. He has no natural element, but can capture and send back any elemental energy sen this way.

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That’s a really neat idea!

Going off the canon elements I’d say maybe a Toa of magnetism. The colorsheme pretty much fits and maybe he lost his memories due to a magnetic overload that messed with his head.

Just an idea though ~


While I like the new version, I think the original shoulder pads.

I really like that idea for his backstory, it could also be used to tie-in with what ProfSrlojohn said about him being a toa of null. Maybe he was in unique circumstances that led to him surviving something that expelled his elemental energy, yet allowing him to survive where most other toa would have been destroyed.

Fair enough! I was pretty fond of the shoulder pads as well, though when I rebuilt him I no longer had any free black phantoka or ccbs hands (that I know of at least) or other way to attach the pads back on to his shoulders, at least without colliding with his torso armor.

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