Naho Sports - Bumonda, Tajun, & Owaki [World Building][Pitch]

Bumonda - Water Jetting Tournament
Players ride boards and propel themselves at high speeds across the water. They must avoid the hazardous obstacles such as: reefs, rocks, opposing currents, rahi, etc.
The tournament is separated into three different courses each with growing difficulty. In each race, players compete for first while doing tricks for extra points. At the end of the tournament, the contestant with the most points wins.

Scoring per race:

Position – Judges at the finish line take note of the players positions.

  • 1st = 30pts.

  • 2nd = 20pts.

  • 3rd = 15pts.

  • 4th = 10pts.

  • 5th = 9pts.

  • 6th = 8pts.

Tricks – Judges at vantage points or riding rahi score the players tricks with the following criteria.

  • Perfect = 5pts.

  • Excellent = 3pts.

  • Good = 2pts.

  • Decent = 1pt.

  • Fail = -1pt.


  1. The first course is located in the open waters of Naho Bay with few obstacles. Thus making this race more of a flat out race to determine position (SPEED).
  2. The second course covers more of the eroded rocky areas of Naho with many obstacles. Thus making this race more about doing tricks to boost ones score (TALENT).
  3. The final course is a mixture of the first two plus it utilizes the natural maze of the underways in the region, making it the longest track. Thus this race includes aspects from both of the previous ones but adds using the player’s skills in navigating and pacing to make it through the track (SKILL/ENDURANCE).

Tajun - Cliff Scramble
In Cliff Scramble, players race up a cliff to the top and have to find six hidden checkpoints on the way. The first player to find all the checkpoints and make it to the top wins.
At each checkpoint, players must take a specialized flag that they can only exchange at the subsequent checkpoint. However, each checkpoint is guarded by dangerous rahi that must be outsmarted before the player can exchange their flag with a appointed matoran trader.
Stealing another’s flag or attacking them in any way is strictly forbidden in this sport.

Owaki - Pole Fighting
Pole fighting is a combat sport fought on poles that protrude out of the water approximately fifteen to twenty feet in the air. The goal of the game is to knock the opponents off the poles and into the water below. The last player left standing atop the poles wins.
Players are given wooden staves to try and knock off their opponents but using arms, legs, exc. is considered legal.
If a player touches water, they are disqualified. Additionally, any player who tries to use water is also disqualified.

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This first part is to put forward the method that the judges would be able to tell who oversees the players’ point progress (as in how judges physically able to see them earn points). Would there be referees standing atop various vantage points to see what is happening? Or would there be referees following and leading them?

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Maybe they follow the action on the back of a fast rahi. Probably an aquatic one.


For some reason whenever I think of cliff climbing I think of the Piraka animations. Maybe there could be a Rahi on the cliff that tries to knock you off?
There starts to be more and more as you climb up the cliff.


Yes, I think judges should be posted at vantage points and in addition, some would be riding aquatic rahi as @UltimateMustacheX suggested. Ideas added.

I like this idea and I have incorporated it.


I’m really digging the idea of pole fighting. Gives Naho an almost Far Eastern vibe.