Nakami, toa of water

Everyone’s going to disagree with me here but; I like mistika gali. The silver and metru blue was a good combination and the mask is good for mocing. I do agree though it looked completely wrong for the character and didn’t even look slightly feminine.
So I made a figure with the same scheme and basically how she should have looked but with a new head, weapons, and other things. Her gun was designed with the transformers beast wars “tail becomes gun” idea to fit the underwater theme. Also transformers inspired was the “android” design to her. The green stud is supposed to look like a iron man arclight / power source though I might switch it out for blue.

To be honest I just designed it so I’m not sure what she is. I just wanted her to look cool.

Size comparison to 2016 kopaka and my 03 makuta revamp


the upper half looks good, but the lower half needs to be reworked.

looks more like a robot

The butt fan…

Just no.

Toa of Water, but only four blue pieces.

It’s Gali Mistika all over again.

It looks alright, the torso is sort of cluttered, but the way it is built is pretty nice. Everything else appears pretty simple.

But overall, my first impression isn’t Toa of Water.

Y’know there was a page on the Custom Bionicle Wiki with this exact same name and element. Pretty weird…

Well that’s unexpected. That was just the first thing to come to my mind at the time of posting.