Nakashi the silent one

Name: Nakashi
Abilities;shadows, flight, and stealth.
Bio; a payed bounty hunter and assassin. No one knows or has seen anything personal about her (or at least knew or seen and lived.)

Design choices
Heavily inspired by the standard black body white mask horror killer, though particularly by the blood widow from the movie blood widow. (Shame such a good character didn't get a better movie.)

Standard limbs, but if I tried custom they wouldn't look as good and it's extremely difficult making a moc with very few non black pieces look good. Except for the shoulder hordika necks every piece in the body and maskless head is pure black.

The only problem I have is the silver on the wings, but at least it's silver and not blue, red, green, etc.


You need to put into her bio than this. Saying "not much is known" and "nameless" is very lazy. Trust me, you can give a detailed bio and keep certain details unknown.

Anyways, the build looks pretty good. A little basic, but pretty good. The color scheme is bland. I suggest adding another dark color to mix it up. And I am not quite sure how I feel about the head. It looks weird to me, but that's just me.

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I'll confess; I didn't know what to name her so I just went further into the character inspiration. Any name suggestions?

I can not help you with that... or at the very least, I don't think I could come up with something you would fully like.

Don't worry, I know you can come up with something. My best advice: Look at more sources for inspiration. You have the internet at your fingertips.

Thank you random Native American word for night. Nakashi it is.

Also what color might look good while still keeping the "movie killer" austhetic?
I'm thinking small spots of dark navy blue, but I know I'm going to stay away from metallic or gray becuase those will just break the theme.