Nameless female makuta

Havent thought of a good backstory for this character yet. Her mask power is to manipulate the molecules of any object or living thing. She can turn things to liquid or take away the flexibility of organic tissues by turning them completely solid. The latter is used to stun her enemies by removing the ability of their muscles to flex and bend.


So, basically matter shifting?
also nice moc


Yes thats a way better way of putting it


So this mask would cover all the elements that are matter and not energy, including stone, earth, water, ice, air, and iron. As well as some degree of the powers of plantlife, and the life element in general.

So in a way it is similar to Thoks ability to control matter around him?

The mask does not brant the power to fully control things, just change their state of matter

So an example would be turning water into steam?

It actually sounds more like Sentrakh’s Molecular Transmutation power (in Time Trap, he almost turned Vakama into stone) :slightly_smiling_face:

Very cool build @Smashkip29, I was curious if you made her have 4 arms like Gorast, or are those wings?

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I actually read time trap shortly after coming up with this power and I too noticed the similarity. As for the things on her back, they’re supposed to be wings

Yes exactly

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Effectively creating the Mask of Melting, Freezing, Boiling, Condensing, Sublimating, Deposition, and whatever the terms pertaining to plasma are called.

So same as Gorast

How do you figure that?

Isn’t the Felnas molecular disruption?

No, the Felnas disrupts the powers of affected individuals, not molecular disruption.

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