Nami, crashing wave style toa of water.

I decided to make a wave style toa after getting those marbled Hahli Inika parts. Built the front torso and laid out some of the pieces (mostly armor and “wave” looking parts) after birckfair but hit a dead end until a show with good music got me motivated again this last week.

She has a trident equipped shield for protection and heavy crashing attacks, and a water enhanced knife to slash what gets past the shield.


That’s an interesting toa tool design.


I like shields as toa tools (also fits with the wave theme as big waves pretty much form a wall) and I also wanted my crashing wave toa to have a weapon they could slam downward, so I put a shield and trident together and added some quick detailing. :slight_smile:


Really nice. I like the how the colors go together. also I like the mask.


Funny enough the mask was a pretty late change (when the moc was in limbo was always planning to use a g2 Kopaka uniter mask, but when looking through masks I remembered I had this one and it had more of a wave look to it).