Naming the unnamed Kanohi masks (without the use of the Matoran dictionary)

There have been several attempts to name the nameless Kanohi Masks, all with the use of the Matoran language resources by outofgloom on tumblr (outofgloom — Matoran Language Resources). As impressive as the Matoran Language project is, I was never too hot on the idea of frankensteining a new language out of preexisting words from other, geographically and culturally unconnected languages. Plus, while most of the Kanohi names to come out those various naming projects are fine, creating them requires a certain level of wordsmithing skill, lack of which results in derivative-sounding names like “Inihu” or “Mutru”. Anyone who’s ever tried naming these masks has used those resources. I’ve decided to go against the flow and create names in a similar vein to the Bionicle story team: by taking words from other languages (English, Maori/Polynesian, European, …) or inventing them myself. Etymology is listed under the names. I invite you to look at these names, share your opinions and in the case you find them inadequate, suggest your own.

Now, without further ado:

Mask of Light and Shadow - Kanohi Avohkan

Pretty basic, a portmanteau of the names of the combined Kanohi: Avohkii and Kraahkan (I’m definitely not the first one to think of this name).

Mask of Creation – Kanohi Grefar

A “Tobdukification” of Greg Farshtey. Fitting, don’t you think?

Mask of Clairvoyance - Kanohi Tuleva

From the Finnish noun tulevaissus meaning “future”.

Mask of Emulation – Kanohi Rohkmehn

From Rockman, the Japanese name for Megaman, the video game character best known for copying his enemies’ power.

Mask of Growth – Kanohi Kotlan

A corruption of Scott Lang, AKA Ant-Man/Giant-Man.

Mask of Rahi Control – Kanohi Kirehei

From the Maori word kirehe meaning “animal” (i added for easier pronounciation).

Mask of Charisma – Kanohi Vaku

From the Finnish adjective vakuuttava meaning “persuasive, convincing”.

Mask of Psychometry – Kanohi Joronan

A complex Tobdukification of Joseph Rodes Buchanan, the man who coined the term “psychometry”.

Mask of Intangibility – Kanohi Kehua

From the Maori word meaning “ghost”.

Mask of Possibilities – Kanohi Kanosei

From the Japanese noun meaning “possibility, likelyhood”.

Mask of Elemental Energy – Kanohi Riaka

From the Maori word meaning “energy”.

Mask of Mutation – Kanohi Gerdoba

From the Slovenian colloquial word grdoba meaning “ugly man/thing”.

Mask of Scavenging – Kanohi Raato

From the Finnish noun meaning “carcass, corpse”.

Mask of Adaptation – Kanohi Urutau

From the Maori verb meaning to adapt.

Mask of Aging – Kanohi Srapa

Made up word composed of harsh sounding morphemes.

Mask of Biomechanics – Kanohi Mahini

From Maori mihini meaning “machine”.

Mask of Conjuring – Kanohi Galdur

From the Icelandic word for “magic, sorcery” (inspired by Ice Mangai wizard mocs).

Mask of Fusion – Kanohi Khattai

From gattai, the well known Japanese word for “union”.

Mask of Healing – Kanohi Sana

From the Latin verb sano meaning “to heal” and the various other words derived from it.

Mask of Incomprehension – Kanohi Zavar

From the Hungarian word for “confusion”.

Mask of Rebounding – Kanohi Turapa

From the Maori verb meaning “to rebound”, also a noun meaning “trampoline”.

Mask of Sensory Aptitude – Kanohi Kankaku

From the Japanese word meaning “sense”.

Mask of Undeath – Kanohi Kariga

Made up word composed of harsh sounding morphemes. Inspired by Karigni, a word taken from the dictionary.


Nice! I like these names. They convey more feeling than many of the official ones.


Thank you. :blush: The names made with the dictionary do help in forming a cohesive language but they lose the personality and deeper meaning they would have otherwise. The canon Makuta masks in particular all have names with very distinctive villainy sounds, that’s something the dictionary won’t let you do.


huh - interestin


To be fair, I’m not convinced about the meta names, specially the ones about Megaman and Ant-Man. It’s not really fitting with the creation procedure of the rest of the brand, and too pop-cultury/geek for my own taste. Maybe trying to figure new names ?

Here, for example:

  • Emulation: Kanohi Mulato, from italian emulato.
  • Grow: Kanohi Growhan, made up with the words grow and whanake, meaning to grow, to rise, to develop.

Hmm, I’m not that convinced by YOUR names. They sound too much like actual English words and Mulato especially sounds like a racial term (Mulatto - Wikipedia). Plus, how are my names not in-line with the official procedure? You have both Maori and Latin names.

Not really interested in revisiting the list, it was more of an experiment. If you have any more name suggestions I’d be glad to hear them. :slight_smile:


Is just the geek universe name who bothered me, is something way too common nowadays and not something I like.

My names was more examples than something else
And was not aware about slur, my excuses about it.

Btw english is not my native language, so I will not be optimal for help, but why not ~ ^^