Narmoto: Protector of Okoto

The brave and noble protector of fire from BIONICLE G2.

Size comparison:


uncle to 1500 OCs

The leg is extremely bizarre, jutting backwards in reptillian fashion for a third joint but then having the armour mesh with the top half? It’s an extremely unique concept but hardly befitting a normal humanoid character.


Even with that, it barely looks like a reptilian leg though.
Because it is solid and decently armored it looks like a normal leg when standing straight.
Then again I’m on the “screw proportion” camp, so I don’t care either way.


I interpreted it as just a regular leg, with the extra joint just adding flexibility.

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Totally forgot he had a name, great build. Love that you got him being taller than a normal sized okotan

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ooh, unique interpretation you’ve got here.

As @N01InParticular would say…

very nice

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