Naruto Anime: Lego Perfect Susano'o

Get ready for an epic fight. Perfect susano’o will crush all his opponents with his electric swords and nearly impenetrable armor. No need to mention that this MOC is based on perfect susano’o from the anime called Naruto and is used by Sasuke Uchia and Kakashi Hatake.


The Tan on the back looks strange, and the wings look bad imo. Maybe make the wings black so the fit in more. Otherwise, it’s a good moc.


Not bad, although like the fellow above me I don’t like the tan.

Thanks for the feedback. I did hope just putting tan on the back would help though. Guess not. :slight_smile:

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Not bad.

It’s okey, tho not really remotely similar to the inspiration.

The color distribution of the Tan is odd and so is the insanely bulky upper shoulders compared to everything beyond them. Mask of creation is a very overused these days too, but I agree…the mold is awesome and very versatile…but also very iconic to Ekimu at the same time.

Overall a solid 6/10 You did okey.

The front of the MOC is really good, but the back looks a bit odd with the tan.

i’m watching the anime right now, and i just got to the part where Itachi uses it against sasuke

I like the swords.

Is that when the giant hands are coming out of his back, or am I mistaken? :dizzy_face: