NASA's Voyager Probes Make Music

Alright guys, so I’m not exactly sure if this belongs in Music, but I thought this was pretty darn cool.

The Voyager probes, my absolute favorite space-farers, have been in space for 38 years. They are out of the solar system, and hopefully are on their way towards someplace far more peaceful. Voyager took many pictures of the planets they passed by, really astonishing and stunning pictures. But, they also were able to record the sounds of the planets.

Okay Bio, I used to think you were a smart guy. You can’t hear sound in space. This is well and true, but Voyager didn’t really record sounds, they just recorded the electromagnetic waves emanating from Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune as they passed by those planets. These signals were then translated by NASA into sound, which effectively gave us real honest-to-god planetary music. What’s it like? Well, for me, very dark, depressing and lonely. But cool too. It’s an experience all right.

Without further adieu, here are the sounds of the planets.

Please, enjoy.


I always wondered what kind of music V’Ger listened to. /s

These are certainly interesting. Although, I must say I prefer this for Jupiter. :stuck_out_tongue:


jupiter with the MNOG soundtrack (well at the beginning anyways)


Holst has made some amazing work hasn’t he?

I love both. The sounds the planets make is so… alien? (Alien would be the right word, right?) In comparison to Holst’s own soundtrack made using Earthy instruments.


I was told that all the sounds in the universe ended up in a key slightly below B flat.

Having perfect pitch, I was intrigued.

It sounds so strange, especially Jupiter and Saturn.
It demonstrates what sort of immense elements going on below. All of them kinda remind me of when wind passes through pylons and it makes that hollow hum, very creepy.


I love this. I love astronomy, and I’ve always wanted to know what the planets sounded like.

The Gas Giants are kinda spooky with the music, but then, it gives you an essence of how crazy these huge planets are. How different, how unique, how special these planets are.


That was… awesome.

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[Space Oddity intensifies]