Natalie Breez Re-design

Natalie Breez - I know nothing about her or much about hero factory for that matter, but I liked her design and her shapes, so I figured I give a redesign a shot.

Goal was to prioritize articulation and pose-ability, keep to her original shapes and colors, and lastly to give her slightly more feminine appearance (this mainly meant larger hip and thigh proportions)

Waist movement is very important to me - I try to implement it in all the MOCs I make. I have always tried to put in shoulder articulation too, but this was the first one that I felt actually worked. I just feel like it gives you so much more dynamic and expressive poses. Downside is it makes the build a little… finicky.

There’s still a bit of axel poking out near the back I would like to find a solution for - the way the torso is built restricts it.

Anyway, this is kinda the first MOC I’ve ever fully built outside of, and I’m very happy with it :smiley:

Thanks for reading <3


hmm not bad
i will say tho that the torso does feel a bit of to me, especially the middle, still cool revamp and i like the added hands!


I like that you can still add a Hero Core. Nice work adding waist articulation! That’s hard to do on Hero Factory characters.


This is a really great design! Though I am a bit weirded out about the waist area, I can definitely understand why it’s set up that way! The weapons are also really nice!


At least she doesn’t look like all the other guys now. also these might work better for the moc.

Your course will have to change the color scheme on these hands.