Nathaar, the Pseudo-Makuta

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Nathaar was once just a Rahkshi, but after multiple experiments to make a Rahkshi with more than one of the Makuta powers, he now possesses all of the abilities that a Makuta can utilize. However, he cannot perform the Shadow Hand, nor can he wear a Kanohi.


Wow, I like him!

He looks good but the head looks very unfinished.

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I agree with stoax
nat haar means wet hair in dutch

In what way? What would you add to it?

it doesn't really look like an actual face. Where are his eyes? Is the open balljoint supposed to be his mouth?

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The eye is an orange Barraki eye. It seems to blend in with the background, I'm afraid.
The mouth is supposed to be the open ball joint.
There goes my trying to be clever with innovative head designs... :expressionless:

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Yes, this moc is pretty cool. The head/mask, needs a little work, I'd say. Color scheme is kind of boring. The rakshi were very colorful and alive, Nathaar is quite glum but I guess it is a good Makuta theme. Even though he's not technically a Makuta.

Overall, great moc, could be worked on a little more but so far pretty nice.

He looks cool.

I got to admit this looks great.
The head looks weird though.