Natural Mahri Kanohi

The Kanohi that the Toa Mahri wear are pretty cool. Well, except for those weird silver tubes, considering they aren’t necessary for water breathing. As part of my “Build-a-Toa” project, I made my own stylized variants of the Mahri masks. So, without further ado, here they are!

The Kanohi Arthron

The Kanohi Faxon

The Kanohi Zatth

The Kanohi Garai

The Kanohi Volitak

These are just drafts, so constructive criticism is encouraged! (Also, sorry no Tryna. Being a mask that normal toa wouldn’t wear it’s not included in the “Build-a-Toa” project.)


looks good!


they look exactly the same…

Well, they aren’t supposed to look too terribly different, the idea would be to keep their identity while removing those annoying tubes, and making them a tad more metal looking instead of plastic.

These are drawn very well, but I don’t see all too much different. Well done though! :smile:

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The major differences are in the texturing. I tried to make them more compact and also make them a little more angular.

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I’ve always disliked the story team making the breathing tubes in the sets pointless.
Anyways, good job.

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Yeah, and it made the Kaukau irrelevant too. I like to think of the Kaukau allowing you to breathe with no oxygen around, not just underwater, to compensate for that story change. That way wearing a Kaukau could let you survive poisonous gas, which honestly fits better than just being able to breathe underwater.

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Wait what?

Apparently, the tubes weren’t what made them able to breathe underwater, it was their biology. The tubes were literally just there because they looked cool (well, SOMEONE thought they did, I sure don’t).

That is a personal thing, because I really love 'em…

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Well, they do look cool. My gripe is that they kinda get in the way and seem unnecessary, and when it was revealed that they were, in fact, unnecessary, it sorta cemented my dislike of them.

Fair enough…

They’re gills.

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These do look good, but if you wanna remove the tubing, then some of the apparatus looking stuff shoulda left as well, most notable on the Volitak.
…Unless you’re looking for some sort of breathing mask-look like Psycho Mantis, in that case it’s cool.

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I wanted to keep their silhouettes while changing their aesthetics. The Volitak kinda looks lame without the distinct parts jutting off from the left and bottom right. Being a mask of stealth, and therefore allowing you to be silent, the whole gas-mask thing just seemed to fit the aesthetic.