Nautilus, Emperor of the Seas

Finally back. Had an Exam on Friday, a trip home for the weekend, followed by homework due Monday and a job interview the same day. I will try to get back into the habit of posting daily from now on, since I have all my creations and posts saved on my computer now.
This moc, by the name Nautilus, was one of my first builds where I experimented with adding extra limbs. It was really simple to do, and I meant to improve the legs, but never did.
He could definitely benefit from some Lego greebling, custom limbs, and possibly fitting more blue glow in the dark armor.

The support/construction is simple. Just two average torsos, not sure what they’re called, but they left me with some extra space inside, as you’ll soon see. The Gadunka armor was easy to fit on, but left the top open, so I used feet to cover this up. I was going for a sea crab look, not sure how well I hit the mark.

The neck also fits on rather well. The gap in the glatorian head fits into the large middle spike on the chest armor, making it a solid fit even when shaken. The neck allows for interesting articulation, from most angles, without interfering with the feet.

When I put on both armor pieces, there was a bad gap in the sides, so I filled it up with the piece you see in the images (I still can’t figure out its exact name).

Here you can see how I connected the Gadunka armor. For the most part I just used beams and blue axels, even when connecting the side pieces together.

Another view into the middle of his chest. I used black pins with bushings and a ball joint to connect the feet, which stay snug against the front armor piece. This was actually the hardest part to fix. The old way I did this was very sloppy, and didn’t fit as well.

This was my only problem with the creation, because his feet are way too basic on the bottom. It gives the impression he is tiptoeing, not what I wanted at all.

Since the lightbox was at it’s capacity showcasing this guy, I did a shot of him escaping.

I apologize again for the unannounced absence. I’ve got the rest of my mocs all ready to post now, so I’ll get back to daily releases. The next moc I show will have a normal number of appendages, as well. See you all next time!


Odd but neat, like it.

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Seeing this guy again really makes me think you could rebuild him even more awesome.

My advice would be to keep the body, ax the Stormer head, improve the legs, and just make it some kind of Eldritch horror monster. The Gadunka shells could make it look like a clam that grew legs and tentacles out of its shell.

Really cool!

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This moc is interesting. An intriguing concept and design. Though the head seems far too small and out of place.

I agree the feet are a bit basic, maybe get some Takadox armour from wherever and try and fix it?