Nearly New Years Update(?)

As is the age old tradition of JMP’s self moc topic

…welp after being tormented by the critique, I decided to upgrade Sentinel’s colors and Jemoph’s bodeh

I don’t care what happens just look

For Sentinel… I just changed the colors, parts and build is the same, other than the inclusion of ‘wings’

Also found a holster for his… lightsaber? Beam Saber? Laser Sword?


time for me

YEah, Went with funcionality and chose another bizarre torso. This time ball jointed and with a CCBS limb part(One of the larger sizes) as the base. Ofcourse with that I had to go and make his back a spinal hook that can be held onto for… reasons. OTherwise he slimmed down. WIth a horrible back

i’m still cool tho

what you wanted more? FIne, lemme pose with these old weapons

and to round it out, a salute!

Critique and comment!

######now then, time to remake my main baddy…


Butt-arm is best part 10/10

On Jemoph I’m not so sure about the use of a hand on his pelvis, It leaves an empty space which looks slightly awkward. Also, not to sure about the large knights pieces for the legs. Otherwise they are pretty cool, I especially like Sentinal, although the colour distribution is somewhat lacking in the legs (As in, there is no colour distributed there).

But, Jemoph Axe-like pike is very cool.

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