Nebutron The Sorcerer M.O.C.

Nebutron The Sorcerer

Nebutron was a rahkshi warrior that was taken in by the dark lord Voltag (the main antagonist/ bad guy leader character) to train as a sorcerer/ necromancer, however he was impressed by the honor and morals of the great Phatos (the mortal enemy of Voltag and ultimate hero of my story) and joined him, leaving Voltag to find a new sorcerer named Shadar.


Due to the nature of the head, the neck seems a bit thin, but other than that, nice! He’s imposing, for sure. Maybe add an armor shell to the ccbs neck?

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I really like the torso, and the limbs are not bad, but the head does not work . I recommend using a traditional head and mask, or a brick-built head if you’re up to it.

I would agree concerning the head, however, he is a Rahkshi warrior who became a sorcerer, so a mask and head/ brick built head wouldn’t make sense. I can see what you’re saying though.

@SwagMeister I might consider building a bottom jaw for the Rahkshi head to fill out the space a bit better.

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For a moment, I thought you had used a Nuva shoulder for the mask. I’ve done that myself on occasion.

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I’ve done that too, but not here. I used a Rahkshi head here. I actually custom painted the silver/black fading effect on it to match the Mantax armor.