Necrome 2015 Summer version

Not a lot has changed about him, some parts swapped out and new things added, I forget who mentioned the waist armor, that was a great idea and really filled out that area more, also, I DO NOT EDIT MY PHOTOS, its a blacklight that makes them glow.

As I said the last time I posted him I AM NOT CHANGING THE HEAD, IT WILL STAY!!!


It glows!!!

Certain transparent parts glow, greens and yellows glow the best.


lookin abit better, still iffy about the head

XD, Still not changin it, I’ve made peace with with whatever.

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your choice m8. I’m starting to get used to it but then I’m reminded that everyone uses Roodaka jaws and random pieces for hair/helmets on theirs

How did you get it to glow like that?

Yeah I don’t use that at all, I made my own jaw and headgear design on another moc.

assume he bought a blacklight lamp or something

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I say it in the first few lines bro.

That what I’m thinking. There’s also a way with certain markers that just make it glow naturally or in the dark.

Head seems a bit small, but besides that this is wonderful. +1,000,000 for the glowiness.


Hard to believe he is close to 10 inches tall from these pictures isn’t it?

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He would look way to weird with out them, I have a friction spacer inside the tires.

Hey look. It glows.

Let’s worship it! :stuck_out_tongue:

… why don’t ya invert the tires? Makes it feel less like he’s wearing tires

@Leoxandar :smirk: I know when I do something good.

@JMP They are acutally inverted in the picture, the smaller tires on the bottom give him more flexiblity in the feet.

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…no I mean turn the tires themselves inside-out

For the big ones immpossible, the smaller ones…maybe

I’m pretty sure you could do both, unless you got reasons