Necrome: Toa of gravity ( Jan 2016 Self moc update)

So, no much has changed on my self moc, if fact the only things to change were color swaps of some parts, and a new weapon, but yeah this is him currently.

Blacklight again

Oh yeah, his shield was upgraded

Le back of the shield

What’s a shield with out a sword?

Again a black light

STOP!!..Hamma time…

I only put this one up cuz I think it’s kinda funny.


well he certainly looks nice and has alot of gear

I love the way this guy looks. Really like the way his legs looks i don’t know why. :smile_cat:

More Megaman X Reploid proportions!? No problems here.

Long legs. I love the black light photo.

@JMP He is always prepared

@Darth.Ben.Ben It’s the tires, and the fact that it’s the Starwars leg build just flipped over

@Adazai Never played Megaman, and never heard of Reploids.

@darkbrick999 They look long but are actually pretty decent size to the rest of him, the legs are always longer that the arms and body.

It was a complement, to quote Sidorak.


I like the green, and the subtle inclusion of the gear inside his torso! Although the legs look unnaturally long and thin even compared to his body, and I feel the leg armor would look better the other way around. Really nice otherwise!

Another hammer wielding Toa of Gravity on the boards? He must be destroyed!

I mean, uh, great MOC, great, great…

Pretty nice! The unique look fits him well!

@PakariNation99 That isn’t a gear, it’s in fact a protector body and a inika waist.
The legs will be filled out more once I get some more tires, and the leg armor is meant to represent boots.