Necrome- Toa of Gravity-Self MOC- (Nov 2015 update)

Here is the latest update on my self moc, Necrome, a LOT of people wanted to see what his pack looked like and wanted a better view of it, I have heard you.

I switched out a couple parts on his head, I gave him smaller silver points on his headgear for more movement.

As you can see he is still a inika build, which isn’t going to change any time soon.
Also his right arm is a completely different color to the rest of him, that is to show that it is NOT, a regular arm, in fact, it is a cybernetic arm that is detachable from his body.

As for the legs I took the idea from the Star wars constraction sets and flipped them over and retained the tires for stability, and added a trans green stud to the waist armor and legs because…Greebles…n’ stuff…

These two pics are of his pack, which has been changed a bit, and yes…I bought all the Star Wars constraction sets…Deal with it…Vader and Grevious are epic…

Because Blacklights are awesome…

Well all toa need a way to defend themselves, a sword and shield never fails usually…Did I ever tell you how much I don’t like red pins?

Again…Blacklights are awesome

Many of his foes have quickly fallen to his power…

You best hope you are not one of them…


Necrome is quite the unique moc. Love his head, it looks great and definantely suits him. At first the color scheme looked a little off but I think it actaully works great. The green, silver, black and white are sweet. The cybernetic arm is a great idea and the cape is great aswell.

Overall I love this moc, the armor is so smotth, build is smooth, everythings great.

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I like the idea of different colered arms and such but I don’t think white works out too well however the rest of the moc is great as ussual

ok looking at it some more I'm starting to warm up to it :)

Thank you a lot, glad you like it.

@Darknova3529 Glad you think so.

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Nice MOC. I really like the color scheme.

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This is very nice for an Inika build!

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Head breaks canon.

This MOC is pretty good. Can’t say I like the white on the arm, but you have a reason for that, so whatever.