Necros, Guardian of the Underworld

More like a doorman, TBH. He sits there and waits for the next dead person to come around. He’s stuck in a never ending paradox of life and death, and is often sent on missions to the overworld. (Usually to kill people, since he’s immortal) It’s kinda awkward, since the person he kills will literally meet their killer.

Mortal form:

Waiting for someone to come along

“Sorry man…”

CC is always appreciated!


So, when you kill a Bionicle being a bunch of red pins come streaming out? I can envision Eljay having nightmares of that happening to him :grin:

On a more constructive note, it’s a cute little moc, if a bit monochrome. I suppose there’s not much color to be found between the over- and under-worlds. With that head, I can’t shake the feeling of him being some kind of uprated Nuhvok Va…


He’s literally a sentient shadow and red axles are the closest thing I have to blood lol


… babu Ek?

I like the pure black build, looks nice.


Thank k2so for his monochromaticity :stuck_out_tongue:

My thoughts exactly.

Good stuff!


yeah this is pretty much a tiny Ek with white eyes
It’s kinda simple
nothing really impressive IMO


A neat little guy. I like how the while eyes contrast against the black.

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It’s a cool little MOC. It’s simple, but I like it. Nothing too outstanding here, but I don’t have anything to point out. What it does, it does well.

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Very nice. I like how it kinda looks like a Nuvok Va.

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Looks alright, not really much to say as the design is fairly simple. Potentiall add a little more white so its not just the eyes, maybe white pins or something? Though it’s alright as it is.


Meh looks kinda like a generic small build moc, with the borok shield head. Its still alright as it is though.

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[quote=“Scarilian, post:11, topic:33122”]white pins


there are white pins{“color”:1}

from the bahrag, and a couple other sets/

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Sammythekat has linked them, but yeah, i feel they might help without over-powering the black of the figure. Maybe in the back of the foot pieces or the wrist joint


“Now, son, what did I tell you about becoming an immortal serial killer? Look what it did for me! I haven’t even gotten a MOC in over a year!”
~Ekorak’s thoughts on the situation

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Wait, this little man is the Guardian of the Underworld?

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He’s 19 times more powerful than an average Toa.

And immortal.

But he is short.


When you’re born short, you live short :stuck_out_tongue:

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