Nedok, The friend of the Agori [+animation!]

Nedok comes from Baramagna, at first he was a Thornax cultivator but with a heavy and strong body, many of his Agori friends wondered why he didn’t participate in glatorian matches, he replied: Nah, it’s not for me to fight, as long as none of you Agori don’t get hurt, I’m okay.
During the matches, many Glatorians attack the spectators for futile reasons (such as cheering for the opponent, losing the match or other).
Nedok decided to stand guard in Glatorian encounters, and if he saw a fighter, even just approaching the Agori spectators with an angry attitude, he would fire a double warning shot with his Thornax cannons, but if the fighter were not gone immediately, he would kill him immediately, without mercy.

He often carries with him a large number of thornax, both to use them as bullets, and to give free food to the Agori to enjoy the encounter and to raise the moral of the spectators who saw their favorite Glatorian being defeated.

P.s. i have to apologize for the incongruity with the fact that thornax actually taste bad, when i wrote the lore i thought it was normal food for them.

Here the 360 of Nedok on Instagram!


Cordax? Is that you in there?


buff cordax


Sorry but, Who Is Cordax?


It’s a long story, but ever since the user by the name of Cordax used the Evo helmet for his self moc it’s been a running joke to call anything with an Evo helmet “Cordax”. At least that’s what i understand.


Well you see, @Cordax is usually pretty freakin smol.

An upside to that is he can have things like the C-mech built for him without making it too absurdly huge.

Also he’s apparently a master vacuum salesman, though Ive never figured out where that came from…


Cordax is me thank you very much.

Also neat moc ig

That comes from my dark past that is shrouded in mystery and drama!


I wouldnt happen to be able to find said history here on the boards, would I?

look in my featured topic

didnt find much explaining it, just some references to you being a vacuum salesman. Right now your featured topic is Codax 3.0, are you thinking of a different topic or am I just missing something obvious?

No, what happened is that people were comparing that moc to a door-to-door salesman and that eventually morphed into vacuum salesman.


Very nice. The yellow and metru green work pretty well together.

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This guy has dual wielding twin-barreled Thornax Launchers; your argument is invalid.

I love the lore, the idea of a guy who keeps the Glatorian in line when they’re in the arena.

The silver on the arms kinda breaks the otherwise great color blocking, though.


The build is solid, but my favorite part has to be that heavy duty Thornax launcher design. It really looks like a weapon that would exist in the Bionicle universe, not just some cool gun design.


This man’s be stacked in the weapons department


It seems neccecary.

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When unripe, Thornax may be softened by boiling them and were used as an ingredient in a type of stew eaten by both the Bone Hunters and the Sand Tribe. The stew was known for its revolting smell, rubbery consistency, and awful taste. It is viewed with aversion by most Agori, who consider Thornax stew even worse when served cold.[3]
Sorry man, i don’t make the rules.

oh, I did not know when I wrote the lore :laughing: long ago, I think I was misinformed well, I will put a notice under the lore part to certify the inconsistency.

I echo what Willess, Pukah, and TheMoccingBird said; his weapons, color scheme, and backstory are rad. I also like the shoulders – that’s some nice parts usage.

Maybe everyone else are just bad cooks :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That’s a good idea, actually. He’s Thornax Ramsey! Gordon Thornax?