Need a Golden Kraahkan for a TakutaNuva

I need a golden Kraahkan for my Story Board to make an awesome Takutanuva. Does anyone have one they are willing to donate or trade????


I wish I did.

But I don't.


Wait, do you mean to make the fusion mask?

(wow this is an old topic)

I was planing on making a Takutanuva that was black and gold. to go with my version of mata nui.

I was planing on using the golden mask to represent the mask of light and dark, but I have no plans to actually cut and merge the the avhokii and the kraakhan.

For my story boards....

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Would you be interested in helping create a comic series with myself and other board members?

Um maybe. Although I wouldn't have time to help you that much since I'm on the boards rather infrequently.