Need Help!(builders block)

Hi I’m a new member and I am working on a MOC. I have gotten to point where I have no ideas at all for legs. If anyone has any ideas or examples I could use a a reference for creativity it would help me out a lot.


This looks pretty good so far. I don’t know if this will be much help, but here you go.

Try thinking on how you came up with the design for the arms. Then build something similar (keep it proportional) and trow on some tan armor. Hope that helps.

What Sonus said, but remember to give it good solid hips, since you don’t have any coverage there on the torso. Also: definitely add more tan. I love this colour scheme and the tan really seals the deal. I love it so far, keep it up!

I’m actually using these wings for the back of the waist. I’ve been trying to use the other two pieces that are on the arms for the hips.

P.S. Thanks for the feedback guys.

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BUTT-CAPE MADE OF WINGS I AM SO HERE FOR THIS RIGHT NOW. Also that sounds like a great idea! Good luck, friendo!

My biggest success was the head. I used the shark head as an articulated jaw and worked the design off of that and the chest. I’ve posted a few progress shots on my Instagram.

Aaaah, cleverly done. Have to say, I’m loving the whole classy look here.

Soon I’m posting my self MOC he’s got a top hat and a monocle. I’ll post Some pictures later today.

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TOP HAT. AND MONOCLE. YES. Seriously though I need this.

That back wings cap thing. Reminds me of something from The Monster Hunter Series.

after a while I started building again 15 minutes ago in after seeing a few pieces and cranked two upper legs. Now for the struggle of the lower legs and the feet.


That head is masterful! Perhaps you could do wheels for the lower legs?

Personally I usually start with the feet if it’s a fully custom-built MOC, so I’m not so sure… but I would say to focus on stability and function, since your style here seems to be greebles plated with smooth armour, and that lends well to a sturdy, functional build.

This is really good. I think you could try to ad a cape for a even more classy look.

Since you were the first to take a good deal of interest in my build I was wondering if you wanted to come up with a name?

Oh, thanks! I’m thinking enigmatic, classy, suited to a top-hat… “The Count” sound ok to you?

I like it I’ll probably end up stick with something close to that. Thanks for the concept :smile: just got to finish the feet. I’ve gone through like 30 designs.

Oh, I know that feeling. You’ll get there!

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Awesome! I like that boot/greave aesthetic you’ve got there, though the feet aren’t yet visible.