Need help with helryx.


my first helryx was banned so im gonna need some help making a new helryx.

I will gladly receive suggestions.

there is only one “rule” and that is that it must have a function of any kind.

please upload pictures so I can see the suggestions

Good Luck.


It’s difficult to provide advice to someone when I have know idea as to what parts you have, or a general idea of what you want the finished product to look like

If you need help with something more specific, like how to make a certain kind of gear function, then I would be more of assistance.

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I think your initial post was taken down as at one point in the past there was too many joke topics so now none are tolerated, topics with humorous intent are allowed but one has to make sure it has substance and not be something whipped up in a few minutes.

That being said, maybe a good old axe function would be best, for swinging her mace. Depending on your parts, a Mata or Master gearbox would suffice.


mace arm swinging thanks to gear function?

Hey! sorry I missed your reply, I was asleep! LOL!

yeah, I was looking for a rubber band powered function where you pull her mace
arm back, it locked into place via some gears, you pushed in a pin or something, and BOOM! She swings her mace down!

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