Need help with hoses in

So I’m working on something in Bricklink studio and I’m having lots of trouble with rigid hoses-pins aren’t sliding down them, bending them and trying to connect them to a specific point is torturous-any ideas/tips?


I do a lot of flex tube stuff in Studio, not flex hose so I can’t help out w pins but I do have some tips for bending. Trying to bend one flexible part into a complex configuration in one go isn’t going to work well, you have to bend it in increments. So if the shape you want has 3 curves in it, do whatever you have to to get the first curve right and disregard what the rest of the part is doing. Once the first part is bent right hit Esc immediately to lock it into place. Then SAVE because undo and flex parts don’t play well together. Then use a bunch of clips or other pieces to attach to the curve you just made, to lock it into place while you bend the 2nd one. Then lock in and save again, and cover that area with clips/whatever else and dial in the third curve and bang you’re done. If the part ever glitches, just reload the last save and try again.

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Thank you so much! I have found that undo has strange effects on the hoses so the saves are a good idea, as for clips I guess that means I have to make a temporary frame with robot claw pieces to hold the tube?
Edit: so hose and tube are different? Would a pin slide down a tube then?