Need help with scripting a bionicle stop motion.

I have been working on the concept for a year now and I would like to open up some ideas for the plot to the public. If you want to tell me your ideas for the pilot episode comment them and I will take them into consideration. Listed below is the concept for the pilot. The finished pilot will be posted some time this year in it’s own topic.

Opens up on the battle between makuta and mata nui in the perspective of a matoran witch is our main character and in this scene becomes badly damaged.

30 years later he finds a toa stone.

makuta also returns.

Feel free to add characters to your ideas.

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The title is kind of misleading. Maybe change it to Suggestions Needed for Bionicle Stopmotion, or something along those lines.

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Barraki. Mainly Ehlek, the chosen hero from the most unlikely of places. He has come to save the Matoran as a criminal, not a Toa. Yeah, I need a wider span of Bionicle favorites.

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I could help you in a pm, but I need more information.

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I think we all need more info.