Needing some tips for resin casting masks

So like the title kinda says, I’m wanting to get into making custom resin mask/pieces does anyone know helpful tips or some videos?


i found this video on youtube a year ago, this guy casts a lot of things and seems like a professional so this might be worth a try

the craftsman also has a few videos on mold making which may also be helpful. nothing bionicle-specific but it might still be helpful since he goes pretty in depth with the molding process

if you are succesful please share your process so we can make resin cast bionicle masks more common


thanks, looks pretty helpful!


How’re you planning on making your masters?

I don’t know what that means, ive literally just picked up the idea of resin casting

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A master is what you use to make the mold for your cast, aka you make 1 mask and then reproduce it in resin

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oh that, like i said ive got no clue, my best guess is some kind of silicon or other rubbery material

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That would be the mold material itself, I’m asking how you’re getting the design into the mold. Are you sculpting the masks by hand? Kitbashing them together? 3D printing?

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oh probably just use a real mask if that doesn’t work my next best thing would be to use the school 3d printer


So @Eilrach do you have any updates on your progress in resin casting masks? Did you pursue this further? I’m interested.


Important thing to remember is that not every fan made kanohi can be casted, at least not with a 2 part mold.

The original bionicle kanohi were limited by injection molding, which is why you got strange designs like the kraahkan.

Other fan designs, while impossible with a 2 part injection mold, are still possible with a 4 part injection mold. Case in point, Rothanak’s mask of psychometry.

Edit: I just realised the metru head is definitely another piece that uses a 4 part mold, since the hole to hold the brain stock and the ball joint are on a different axis from the face axis.


haven’t done any lol (prices are high for the materials, and life gets in the way sometimes)


Go figure… well if you manage to get back to this sometime, please let us know any progress :+1: Who knows, maybe I will post something here if I manage to make something adequate.

EDIT: @Eilrach you may have seen this already but: