Nekoria, master of shadows

Before any anime fans ask; yes. She is a neko (cat girl)
Her build is a pretty basic custom black / gold figure with custom cloth peices. I based the cloth sorta on a mmo RPG female character with a little bit of a ninja mixed in. The only real no custom parts are her upper arms , head, and lower legs.

Back detail without the cloth

I’ll be back soon. Just taking the cat for a walk.


Reminds me slightly of Blake from RWBY.


Nekoria the neko…

What is this, monster musume?!


The cape should be lengthened, but otherwise, this is pretty good.

Yes. Jk; I ussually go towards other languages for inspiration and I realized neko was already Japanese for cat so I added somthing to the end of it.

Pretty nice the colors are constant and theres a not of nice attention to detail like her thighs . I don’t particularly like the lower legs as they look odd and gapy and the feet being backwards makes no sense to me cause being a cat girl the paws would be kinda cute, and the tail just seems to rigid and angular so try to find a way to make it have like ball joints or something so that it can be posed more naturally. The cape could use some work as I guess its trying to look tattered? but it comes off as just two triangles near the bottom.
Other than those thing (which honestly aren’t really big issues) she looks great

(also yeah I also got a blake picture in my head when reading the description)

not really feeling this one.

Well, it’s just a cat woman.

That’s it really. Not much to complain about.

Mmm, good MOC, but I’m not digging the 2015 Onua mask… But that’s just my opinion. I’d like to see some close-ups of those custom limbs, though. I can’t really make them out in those pictures.

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My only gripe is that she uses Onua’s mask. I can’t help but associate it with the Master of Earth. Other than that, pretty solid.


This is a really nice MOC! I really the custom torso and colorscheme and the use of bohrok eyes with the MOE. It has a pretty nice combo of parts.

You beat me to it.


Love that show!