Nektann, The Skakdi Warlord

Hello everyone! I Haven’t posted any MOCs for a while, but Now I’m back with Nektann, the might warlord. So what I wanted to do with this was to make Nektann to full size, even though matching the Piraka build. Hope you enjoy!

Piraka comparison

P.S: Sorry for the side pictures, click on them to see them in full size


The proportions are weird. The body is tiny compared to the limbs. The fact that he’s hunched doesn’t work. That’s all I can think off.
Granted, all of the other Piraka had this issue too.
But other than this this is actually a pretty nice moc. The only thing which really pisses me of is the big ol gap in the right arm, tho I can pass that, seeing that this is meant to make Nektann look as close as possible to the original sets (tho seeing that he had two hands in the Stars wave, you could have made the arms symmetrical, or you could have made that lower arm custom.
But I like this moc. Certainly one of your best.


Ugh!!! I’m so envious! I’ve tried to do this so many times, and yet it always looks weird.
Finally, a revamp that gives Nektann the model he deserves!

my only critique is the arm, but that bugged me about the Piraka too, so meh.




hey, this is pretty good!
Well done. You’re definitely improving.


Nice seeing a Nektann build that isn’t a carbon copy of the Piraka.