Nelmak: Sand Warrior

Little Nelmak may look scary but he is one of the friendliest members of the main heroes in @Xorizeghian and my post apocalyptic wasteland series


I hope I don’t need to say that the legs are TOO big and that the arms and the body are TOO small.

He’s kind of a gremliny mutant child-thing

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Yeah but the moc is still very bad.

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That’s not very nice also the pictures are a little distorted

  1. Sorry, but this is the true. Maybe is you use a bigger torso piece and make longer arms it would be better.
  2. The distorted pictures don’t affect the moc.
  3. Reply. To. Me.
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I honestly agree with @Toa_Vladin with this. The concept of the Moc is cool, it just has lots of room for improvement. Maybe fix the proportions, make the arms a little bulkier? Don’t get annoyed with criticism, it can help you learn how to make your Mocs better.
Hope this helps!



You guys are right. I’d work on it a ton, as it appears to be somewhat of a tablescrap (no offense intended).

@Xorizeghian you are absolutely right I built it in only a couple of minutes
@Mr.Monopoly it dose

this is really bad don’t defend a bad moc

just take it and make it better



I just finished a Moc especially for this topic. It’s kind of what I think you were aiming for with this Moc:

This was just put together in a couple of minutes, so, not the best I could do, but it gives an idea of how to improve. You can use any of the techniques I used in this Moc, as I’ll be taking him apart afterwards.


So much better!


Well sort of I was thinking more of a small being with large legs and a dual bladed staff thing

Well, it’s dual-bladed now…


hoo boy. you ever heard of criticsm?

and about the moc, i agree with the general consensus, very basic and doesn’t achieve anything all that special really. doesn’t pull off the sand vibe all to well either

oh, and

Title Changed for Incorrect Grammar



Well I mean, I can take Criticism but back then I was…easier to offend. And the general idea was a scrawny janky mutant child hence the table scrap vibe, also, I was bad a m.o.cing back then.


Hey! Welcome back! I haven’t seen you for years!

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Yah its been a while lol