Neomid, the Fe Matoran Inventor

This is my self MOC, an Iron Matoran (Yes, that is a real thing) who made a mech suit called the “Tanupo 3.0”.


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I like what you did there with the element symbol in the title
The mech is pretty cool. Neomid is basic, but fits well with the mech

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@1000Purse30 Thank you. I did what I could to make him represent me in the world, making him skinny and small. Also, I like a lot of your MOCs as well.

I am now working on improving Neomid himself. All I need is 1 tire to make his upper arms more unique.

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The riders pretty basic but the mech is pretty cool looking

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I will upload a picture of him when he is completely upgraded.

The poor man’s Nuparu.


Yeah, he does look like Nuparu at first glance…

Now, Neomid can protect himself without his mech. (That he upgraded to 3.5.)

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The build of the mech is really good, and I like the changes made to Neomid. I would recommend changing some colors on Neomid, though, and the mech’s chest juts out too far.

The chest is something I just have to deal with. Also, what colors would you recomend changing? Would this be good? Or is that to much gold?

Also maybe I could make some cup holders in the over extended chest of the mech?..

 That last part was a joke.

I upgraded the mech to 4.0!

Now, he’s actually sitting in the mech.

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Very nice MOC! Its not overtly complex and is simple, but accomplishes its goal.

The one thing I would add however is try having a clean background, perhaps a blank wall at least? For the best I would say using a backdrop. Just some advice: as cluttered backgrounds can detract from the MOC itself!

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Thanks I’ll try to think of something.