Neora The mysterious Terror of Nightmares


It’s a little messy (especially around the legs) but it looks nice overall.

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Thanks, the legs are also my least favorite part of the build, but I couldn’t think of many other ways to build it.

Its very messy and looks incomplete maybe try a different way to build the legs and then it would look better

I don’t no any other way to build its legs with the parts that I have. Plus people cannot just have negative comments about my Mocs. Say what you like and don’t like about the moc

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Sorry to offend or hurt feelings that was not my intention . a good why to practice is just build and take it apart. Tons of practice is really useful I use to be very bad at mocing I would onlay make skinny inika builds but with lots of practice I have improved ten fold. Good luck with your mocs



The head looks too small.

The head piece I used is actually rather big

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Yes, but the body is big too.

The body isn’t very big tbh, it just doesn’t mesh with the body due to the messy structure that other already pointed out.