Nes vs Snes: which is better?

I have recently found and gotten working a Nintendo entertainment system, and a Super Nintendo entertainment system and some things for them. I was wondering which you people thought was better. I quite like some of the games for the snes, but I like the equipment and feel of the original better. what do you all think?

Too much of the NES’ library is a confusing mess, there are standouts on all systems sure, but by modern standards, the lows there are way too low. If you have some of the more famous NES titles, then you’re good I’d say. The SNES also has it’s fair share of bad games too, but I find that generally speaking, a SNES game that you pull off the shelf at random is going to be better than any random NES game you grab.

tl;dr: get the famous NES games or don’t get any at all, focus more on the SNES

good point, however I got them at a friend’s house who was trying to get some of their stuff out. there was four nes(es?) sitting around. I grabbed mostly games im familiar with, as I have played several on an emulator (retropi for raspberry pi)

oh, and @Krelikan, I did find a gamecube there, but no controllers, disks, nor memory cards. but I do get to go back to help them find some more things and possibly grab another system…

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