Nescent's 'Music of Okoto'

After making 'Wildlife of Okoto' and 'Wildlife of the Ancient City', Nescnet has developed Okoto in a new way.


Nescent has put together some very ambient, and I would argue, powerful music tracks for Okoto's regions. Each one incorporates a somewhat different style that reflects these regions.
I would highly recommend listening to the water region one.



Its alright as background music - however it all kind of blends together a little and isn't as memorable as I'd have hoped. Its great music, but was kind of hoping for a sort of theme for each area rather than a mix of ambient music and sounds.

I really wasn't really expecting something like this

I have to say, I really like this. It's not exactly powerful or dramatic but it sounds real, like you were there listening to the Villagers playing their music. Personal favorite was the Region of Ice.

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