Neverending Story (condensed version)

so this is a condensed version of the story from the neverending story game topic

I’ll fix the grammar mistakes and such so it’s easier to read, and this’ll be updated when the origin topic gets a hundred or so new posts.

It was a cold, rainy day inside Google Headquarters where people milled about expecting the same searches to show up, until a little egg appeared on top of Mr. Google’s head and shows him some power. Then with his new power he had a newfound desire to fly around his headquarters and do things to people. however, doing things to people would be quite unsoundly, so instead he just flew around. Google plus was eating a google brand burrito of which he was quite fond of since they are filled with google branded goodness. after of which he ate a delicious, wholesome google burger, created in the pits of the deep dark google hole, where Content ID lives and attempts to do whatever Content ID does. as the burger was consumed by Google Plus it screamed out knowing it’s delicious wholesome existence was ending. Then, suddenly, appeared the great Mrs. Google, mother and wife was eaten by the Apple Drone. Google Plus cried out as she was dragged away. The Apple Drone left to deliver her to Dr. Apple, who used her for nefarious schemes, and treacherous plots. Mr. Google had to do something! So him and Google Plus teamed up and called cousin YouTube, but he had been eaten by the terrible Vessel beast, who was now coming for them! “Oh no!” screamed Google Plus, As it ate them. Inside, the Googles and Youtube were slowly digested. they suffered great pain, until they were fully dissolved. But alas their friends the Gmail Knight, another cousin, had cooked up a genius plan to slay the beast and get revenge, but Yahoo Tahu slipped, and died, blocking his friend the Gmail Knight from catching the Apple Drone, as it flew to the volcano containing Dr. Apple’s Evil Lair, and cake factory, that he used for Ultra Cake Fighter IV Fudge Edition, the best fighting game ever, until Google made YouTube Fighter, which is why Apple Kidnapped all of Google’s employees and Mrs. Google, who now was kept in stasis, by top secret Apple tech, which helped create Macintosh 3000. Mr. Google tracked Mrs. Google and failed, then was eaten. Which is why Gmail needed the help of Google Translate, an advanced robot warrior created to destroy people’s spelling of anybody using Safari .ect and serve the google family, by wearing a british accent and speaking many broken languages through speakers on his chest, which is also a radio, which he uses to help motivate the Google Army and the Gmail Knight in this story about saving about saving Mrs. Google from Dr. Apple, which did not get sidetracked. So Google Duo journeyed to Mahri Nui, once again distracted from their- except Dr. Apple was there taking a vacation from the office that was inside his volcano. While Macintosh works for him as a faithful leader of the horde of rabid MegaBlok fans this isn’t meant to be hurtful in any way, and this spoiler isn’t part of the story riding in shiny Iphone chariots. Feasting on noodles, protected by Apple Armour when suddenly the mighty Google Army lead by Zombie Steve Jobs, and Steve yelled “destroy the Evil Dr. Apple!”
BUT this one’s a clone a clone who created atrocities like:
-A three headed demon dog
-And Final Cut
and came from Target to buy supplies for his army until he got arrested by the Walmart Kingdom. The prison warden named Kevin Then ate the World and regurgitated it for Galactus to eat, but he accidentally vomited on walmart, which then awakened the sleeping Half Life Episode Three.

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this sentence is just amazing


reading this in full reminds of the kind of thing that comes out of Rooster Teeth’s On the Spot