New AAT modification

So I recently got the new AAT set and like a lot of people noticed tons of inaccuracies. I took it upon myself to correct the ones I could easily mod. this is the result.


Seems a little limited in the up-tilt of the main canon, but I’m not a Star Wars expert so I don’t know if that’s supposed to be like that.

It is a little limited, but if you crack open the hatch a little it goes way farther

Ehhh that’s about right as far as barrel elevation.
I don’t think the AATs were ever seen going that high in the first place. They had a pretty high vantage point due to their design and didn’t really need to go anything but slightly up or down. Especially considering they were usually used at somewhat longer ranges unless annexing a town or something.

the barrel elevation upwards is about right, they never could go quite so high, but that part is fine. downwards however, correct me if Im wrong, but I dont think the aat could actually go much lower than parallel with the ground.